Elections Are Coming Up. Here’s What Sophmores need to know.

Once again, it’s that time of year. Student Government Elections are approaching fast, with seats in each grade up for election. Each candidate has gone through gathering signatures from their peers and references from adults as well as setting up political campaign posters throughout the building, and most importantly, preparing and giving a speech to the students of Sweet Home. 

There are nine sophomores running for Senate this year, though out of which, only 6 have the chance to claim a seat in the student gov. congress.

Julie Nisbet

Julie loves being a part of Sweet Home and loves music and playing guitar. She argues interests in art and chemistry, is on the track team, and studies Tae Kwan Doe. Nisbet is running since she’s been in the sweet home district since pre-K, and wants to be more involved with what’s going on here at Sweet Home. She aims to make Sweet Home more fun and to make it a better learning environment. Julie has not provided any social media platforms she is campaigning on at this point.

Roman Haen

Roman is a hardworking student who likes to work out and spend time with friends. He is a runner for both cross country and track and does wrestling in the winter. Haen is running for school senate because he wants the experience of participating in legislation early in life so he can get a leg up for when he plans to run for US congress as an adult. He plans to work in the student government for to give students a voice. Roman Haen believes Sweet Home High’s administration has been putting unfair and ineffective rules into place, and wants to work with that same administration to make a fairer set of guidelines for the school. A desired outcome of Haen’s participation in government would be to provide more opportunities to the students. Roman did not provide any social media platforms he is campaigning on.

Stephanie (Steph) Brown

Stephanie is a writer for the Panther Eye. The Eye is not affiliated with the campaign in any way.

Steph is passionate about drawing. She’s running for Senate because she has ideas and wants to put them into action. She wants her voice and others’ to be heard when government meetings ultimately do take place. She wills for people to be able to get more work done by striving to implement a new certain branch to the government. Steph did not provide any social media platforms she is campaigning on.

Megan Gerber

Megan is a hard-working person who cares deeply for Sweet Home High and it’s community. She’s running for Senate because she wants to be more involved in the school and make Sweet Home an even better place than already is. Her goal as senate would be to open up the courtyards so students and teachers could work and study outside. She also wants to open up school-related discussions to make sure everyone’s voice is heard as all students have their own ideas and opinions to share. Megan did not provide any social media platforms she is campaigning on as of the publishing of this article.

Brian Lackie

Brian is one who finds fulfillment in learning about the world he lives in, and aspires of one day becoming a proactive citizen of this nation. He is running for senate because he believes that it’s an opportunity he can take to be more connected with the school, as well as an opportunity to offer insights into his intricacies of government. He hopes to help implement policies that will provide and facilitate a safe learning environment for those who value their opportunities. Brian did not provide any social media platforms he is campaigning on.

Karina Cole

Karina is a hardworking student and athlete and hopes to be able to represent the sophomore class in student government. She was encouraged to run by classmates and teachers, and it sounded appealing to her to run and better the Sweet Home community and get involved in the competition between herself and classmates. Her goal this year is to work with her peers and the administration in order to make Sweet Home a better place.  She’d like any of her classmates to be able to come to her if they have any comments or concerns that they could bring to the Student Government in order for everyone’s voice to be heard.  Karina did not provide any social media platforms she is campaigning on.

Other Candidates

Taylor Napora, Lindsey Aarum and Ryan Fleck are also running, but did not comment before publishing of this article.

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