Elections Are Coming Up. Here’s What Seniors Should Know.

Once again, it’s that time of year. Student Government Elections are approaching fast, with seats in each grade up for election. Each candidate has gone through gathering signatures from their peers and references from adults as well as setting up political campaign posters throughout the building, and most importantly, preparing and giving a speech to the students of Sweet Home. 

There are six seniors running for Senate this year, out of which only 5 will be representing their grade.

Shannon Lynch

A member of NHS, FHS and Senior Class Council, Shannon is looking to fill a seat in the senior senate. She wants improve the winter dance and accomplish as much as she can in her last year of high school. Shannon believes that she can be a senator who strives to make changes around the High School and bring up issues of importance during Student Government meetings. Shannon did not provide any social media platforms she is campaigning on.

Ryan Moore

In the future, Ryan wants to pursue a career in politics and he sees Sweet Home Student Government a strong start to his career. He has been a student of the Sweet Home School District his entire life, and he wants to give back to the community through his service on the government. Ryan says he cannot make any promises as he cannot guarantee the outcome of anything. Overall, he hopes to increase the well being of the community and its students. Ryan is campaigning on Instagram.

Faith Irizarry

Faith is an avid Taco Bell lover who states she knows how the Student Government system works, since she has prior experience as a senator. She claims the system still needs to instate more change, and she hopes to prove to the Board of Education and other adults that students can be trusted to govern their own school. Faith did not provide any social media platforms she is campaigning on.

Other Candidates

Hunter Steward, Jeremy Vicario and Lauren Luchey are also running, but did not comment before publishing of this article.

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