Isaiah gives a speech about what he can promise to the students and how if he was Student body president he would work towards the school being a community that picks each other up.

What to Know About Your Presidential Candidates

Once again, it’s that time of year. Student Government Elections are approaching fast, with seats in each grade up for election. Each candidate has gone through gathering signatures from their peers and references from adults, as well as setting up political campaign posters throughout the school building, and most importantly, preparing and giving a speech to the students of Sweet Home.

There are 6 seniors running for the Presidential seat.

Chase Miceli

Former Vice President of Student Government, Chase Miceli, is running for office again this school year. “Sweet Home is my safe place, and I care deeply about its future,” Miceli says, “I come to school everyday to be my best self, and I want to give back to the place that’s made me who I am.” He hopes to make changes to the recognition system in the High School and fix the current locking schedule of the locker rooms, as well as fix the flaws currently faced with the school WiFi. He is running for president as he wants to make Sweet Home the best place for future classes. Chase did not provide any social media platforms that he is campaigning on.

Amandeep Singh

Amandeep is hoping to improve the school as a whole, while focusing on the student body’s needs. “It is time I step up the ladder and show the students what I am capable of. Not many students know me, but I will make sure that the things I do keep the students happy and earn me respect,” Singh stated. Amandeep wants to collaborate with all officials of the Student Government to initiate changes within the school, and will fight for the need of the students. Amandeep is campaigning on Instagram.

Arielle Barbopoulos

A competitive dancer and life long Sweet Home student, Arielle is looking to make Sweet Home a better place. She hopes to give students the App Store back, have another winter dance, fix the school’s WiFi, and prevent bullying within the school. Arielle says “I am the most qualified [to be president] because I am very passionate about this school. I will make this school a better place so that every single person feels safe and happy here.” She hopes to help the students who have been “forgotten” and give people a voice. Arielle is campaigning on Instagram.

Chukwudi (Chudy) Ilozue

Chudy is Editor-in-Chief for the Panther Eye. The Eye is not affiliated with the campaign in any way.

Chudy is a former member of student government and the senior class council. He believes that with new leadership this year, new things can be achieved to benefit the High School, as well as the student body. Chudy hopes to have another winter dance, get an effective cabinet, and change technology polices so that what of which have been given to students as teaching tools can be efficiently used to their full potentials. Chudy is campaigning on Instagram and by website.

Other Candidates

Isaiah Killian and Tyler McCrossan are also running, but did not comment before the publishing of this article.

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