Eve giving a speech about Sweet home verses other schools and how if she is voted for Vice President she will continue the process of making Sweet home the place to be.

What to Know About Your Vice Presidential Candidates

Once again, it’s that time of year. Student Government Elections are approaching fast, with seats in each grade up for election. Each candidate has gone through gathering signatures from their peers and references from adults as well as setting up political campaign posters throughout the building, and most importantly, preparing and giving a speech to the students of Sweet Home.

There are two juniors running for the Vice President seat.

Delaney Graham

Delaney is a lifetime Sweet Home student, and has prior experience with the Student Government. She wants to win the position of Vice President as she “loves Sweet Home, and I want to do everything I can to make it a better place.” Delaney hopes to open the courtyards for student use and get the App Store back on student iPads, as well as have a second winter dance. Delaney did not provide any social media platforms that she is campaigning on.

Other Candidates

Eve Giancarlo is also running, but did not comment before publishing of this article.

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