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Hi, I’m Chase Miceli, and I am here with the Panther Eye Q&A.

What are your thoughts on being the newly elected president?

I am so excited to be president. Last year, I didn’t really feel like I had much to do and I’m really exited to get my hands dirty and get to work.

How do you and your vice president plan to change the school?

Delaney and I are going to work our fingers to the bone to get this school what we need. And I know me and her work well together, because she is one of my best friends.

What are you planning to change in the school?

First of all, the WiFi. Second of all, the community. I feel like a lot of students don’t get involved or feel like they can’t get involved and I want to see more people get into clubs and try things out and really grow there.

Are you involved in any clubs or sports?

I’m on the cross-country team and I will be on the track team. Chemistry club, National Honor Society, French Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and a lot of others.

What are your hobbies outside of school?

I love video games, I love playing the oboe, I love reading, and creative writing.

What career do you plan on pursuing, and at what college?

My dream school is Stanford but that’s a little, little bit of a reach. I’m happy to go anywhere and I want to get a doctorate in psychology or medical school and become a psychiatrist.

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