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The Panther Eye is always launching new projects. The latest one is Recorded, Not Live, a sketch show made right here at Sweet Home.

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Rayhaan: The Panther Eye is always launching new projects. The latest one is RNL, a sketch show made right here at Sweet Home. Today we take a look. From The Panther Eye, this is Roar.

Hi Chudy, how are you doing today?

Chudy: I’m good, how are you?

Rayhaan: I’m doing alright, let’s start the interview. So, this is about RNL. Where’d you get the idea for it?

Chudy: You see on YouTube and Instagram, lots of shows doing video shorts. You see on TikTok that memes can be turned into videos pretty cleanly. But, the thing is those are low production and not very long so short form content that’s, you know, better produced, more of a story than just a short clip.

Rayhaan: And I often find comedies more engaging than serious informational videos.

Chudy: Yeah, that’s a good point because, while the name similar to S.N.L, S.N.L focuses on real life, real world topics, but by doing it based on memes and other small things like that, it’s really going to make it more engaging for people and help it appeal broadly to more people.

Rayhaan: Will each episode have different casts?

Chudy: There’s going to be some of the same casts, some different casts. It’s really going to be a mix of consistent people and guest people coming in from all groups in the school.

Rayhaan: What sort of plots and stories can we expect?

Chudy: We’re still working on that but it’s going to be basing it off of events that happen in the school, events that happen in our community more broadly and memes and other things that are going viral at the time. We’ll try to bring some of that into our work.

Rayhaan: You mentioned earlier that short media is more engaging to the audience. How long will each show be exactly?

Chudy: We don’t know the exact length of the shows yet but the idea is they are going to be made out different skits or segments and those segments can be shared separately and will each have their own independent topic. So, if you don’t want to see all of it at once. There’ll be ways to see the clips on IGTV, which is apart of Instagram, on YouTube, and other platforms.

Rayhaan: How will you utilize the talents of many Sweet Home students to your advantage?

Chudy: In Sweet Home we have a lot of people talented when it comes to the arts. We have lots of people who are good with music, good with drama, who are good with musicals, and other things. And, we will be recruiting some students directly but also leave some parts open so that way students can come to us and share their talent, share their skills, and share their ideas with us for the show.

Rayhaan: Do you hope the show becomes something that becomes done consistently even after you graduate?

Chudy: I really hope the show continues after I graduate. I really think it would be a really creative outlet for students through the year. Which will allow people who write, who can sing, who can act, whatever that they can do that the whole year instead of just during or musical or a play.

Rayhaan: This episode was made by: Rayhaan Saaim and Jacob Lymberopoulos. Music by Verified Picasso.

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