Photo by Stephan Müller from Pexels

Get out your masks and Halloween pails,

and cover your ears to the wandering wails.

Trick or treat with the hopes of sweets,

from house to house you traverse down the street.

Werewolves, witches, ghouls and ghosts,

they’re the ones who want you most.

Your flesh, your eyes, your heart and mind,

they’ll carve you up from deep inside.

So get your masks and Halloween pails,

and hope you don’t get lost on the trails.

For the fog of the night gets thick and through,

and then you’re victim to what midnight brews.

Zombies and vampires have slanked here too,

and they’re coming fast to feast upon you.

Your brains and blood are what they want,

And they will haunt you til you’re gaunt.

So come get your masks and your Halloween pails.

Because who knows what Halloween entails.

Photos by sebastiaan stam, Leo Cardelli, Mitja Juraja, Pixabay, Mitja Juraja, and Stephan Müller. Used under license.

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