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Jesus Club

Recently a new club has formed with the goal spreading information about religion. Today we take a look.

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Rayhaan: Recently a new club has formed with the goal spreading information about religion. Today we take a look. From The Panther Eye, this is Roar.

What is the main goal of this club?

Amandeep: The main goal of this club is to share information about God, to tell us about faith and to tell us about different things that are going on in life. The main focus is on Jesus and about Christianity and we are learning many different things about it.

Rayhaan: How do you think it sets itself apart from other clubs?

Amandeep: I mean it’s the first club in the school I have witnessed that is sharing information about religion and stuff. No other group is doing that and stuff there are many groups as well but they are about studies like Chemistry club and stuff but this is the club that stands out as the most different one because it’s sharing what you witness in your life so it’s a pretty different and a good club.

Rayhaan: Why do you enjoy this club?

Amandeep: I mean I enjoy this club because I’m from a completely different religion and I don’t know anything about Christianity, so when I come to know different things about it, I enjoy it. I just believe what they say because they are not going to lie and everything’s actually actual and real.

Rayhaan: How would you encourage others to join the new club?

Amandeep: I always talk to my friends about this different club and I tell them to join this club ’cause it shares much valuable knowledge. And, I also post it on my Snapchat stories to encourage people who see it to join this club and I hope different new students join this club.

Rayhaan: What topics arise during meetings?

Amandeep: We’ve only gone through one meeting right now and we talked about Jesus, we talked about Christianity and not in detail but in brief about Mark 3:16 and they tell us everything about Jesus there and also how believe Jesus and the different aspects of life.

Rayhaan: How many people are in the club?

Amandeep: To be honest, not a lot, there’s like ten or eleven, if I’m not wrong. Yeah, it’s a pretty small club right now, but I hope the size increases as days pass by.

Rayhaan: For people interested in this club when and where should they meet?

Amandeep: I mean the meetings are currently in room 304 and you don’t have to sign up or any other thing you just go into that room. It’s every second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Just two days in a month and everyone can set some time apart from their schedule to attend it.

Rayhaan: Who runs this club?

Amandeep: I mean there’s 2 girls Lindsey Aarum and Emily. They both run this club, they are doing a pretty good job.

Rayhaan: This episode was made by Rayhaan Saaim and Jacob Lymberopoulos. Music by Verified Picasso.

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