Songs For COVID-19 is a playlist that has focused on the recent pandemic under panicky and comedic lenses. The newly created Songs For Hope takes a look at our situation under a new perspective. It’s my way of sharing that, though we’re a month deep into this and it may seem like this isn’t going to end, all we need is hope, love and perseverance to see this through.

Come Together by The Beatles isn’t meant to be taken seriously, maintain social distancing and only visit other healthy people if you can’t sit still. Regardless, we can all metaphorically come together by sticking this through and not going crazy.

Have Some Love by Childish Gambino speaks a true message: have some love and time for one another. We may not all be a blood-related family, but we are a family in the animal kingdom.

Rise Up by Andra Day has recently been a big hit in hospitals nation-wide, with multiple nurses covering the song, and multiple hospitals playing the tune over their speakers. Check out one NHS nurse’s cover.

Not The Same’s lyrical content isn’t what earned it the spot it has on the playlist: It’s actually the choral singing. This specific string of concerts Ben Folds was performed almost directly after the tragedy of 9/11. Ben has described that that moment, which was the first time he decided to have the audience sing backups, as an amazing point in his career. He’s also gone on record talking about how 9/11’s events brought Americans together and softened the harshness of society.

With the recent pandemic, a similar social dynamic seems to be developing. Let’s stick this out ladies and gentlemen. You, me, The Panther Eye, and The rest of Sweet Home have got this. Enjoy Songs For Hope.

Want more information? Visit or Erie County’s webpage. The Panther Eye will continue to deliver rapid updates by Twitter and Instagram on this crisis and the district will update the school community on its webpage.

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