While “Don’t Stop the Rock” may have found unparalleled popularity in reminding everyone what time it is though a broad array of “Corona Time” memes, we’ve got a list of about fifty songs that also fit the theme of the day.

“Around The World” has been very prominent in meme culture surrounding the COVID-19, and rightfully so. The virus has spread worldwide in a short window of time and this Daft Punk classic can’t be beaten. 

“Zombie” by The Cranberries was selected due to unfounded fear this could be the apocalypse. This irrational fear has materialized in reality by creating supply chain problems as consumers are buying home necessities in ludicrous quantities. I say, if you need to wipe, hop in the shower

“Hysteria” is probably one of the best Muse songs out there. Coming off Absolution, an album focused on apocalypse and the general end of mankind, the song, as the title suggests, is evidenced by American shopping habits and other actions and posts by citizens.

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