This pandemic affected my life in an interesting way. I don’t know about anyone else, but online school is very hard for me. I don’t have the “perfect” environment, or a quiet house either to focus on my studies. I started slacking on everything. I didn’t even turn in a global assignment for 2 weeks straight.

But, I’m learning to straighten my ability to focus, and it’s gotten easier. I’ve been making up work. My little brother, however, doesn’t have his iPad set up, so he hasn’t done his homework or any work at all since school was closed down.

That doesn’t just impact him though, it impacts me as well because I have to help him set it up, which I don’t know how to do.

It also impacted me being able to see my relatives, I have relatives outside the country I was supposed to go see, we can’t see them because we’re all scared for our families safety.

They raised the prices on foods like meat, and it makes it hard for my family to buy food, so we have to ration it out, but we do visit the food pantry that makes it easier.

Edited for grammar and clarity by The Panther Eye. Submitted as part of the Dear Corona contest.

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