How was it to move in quarantine?

Even in this traumatic time, things that I never expected to happen, happened. I never expected to move during quarantine because it’s a difficult time for everyone. Moving is like starting a new life.

You meet new people, change schools, etc. Moving during quarantine was honestly hard because we moved from Buffalo, New York to Atlanta, Georgia which is very far from each other.

When my family and I went to Georgia, we drove because my parents thought that it is dangerous to get on a plane with lots of people that may have the Coronavirus. Driving to Georgia was honestly hard because it’s +15 hours from Buffalo.

The good thing was we didn’t change schools yet because we only had classes online not in school, which was good for us because it was almost the end of the year. The day we moved, it was really cold, and crisp weather. The house smelled airy, and wispy. At 2:00 am I was awakened by the sound of my mom walking around and cleaning the house. Then, I heard her coming into my room telling me that it’s time to go.

On the way to Georgia, most of the time the car was quiet because everyone except for my dad was sleeping. It was an exhausting and unpleasant trip. When we arrived in our new house, I found it warm, huge, and noisy a little bit but I was amazed by our neighbor because they were all so nice and I felt I was home.

The bad thing about moving in quarantine was I didn’t have a chance to see my teachers and friends to say goodbye. But, it’s okay. The most important thing is to stop the spread of the virus and go back to our normal life again, hopefully soon.

So, moving in quarantine wasn’t that bad as I thought it was, plus quarantine gives me time to spend with my family more especially my twin brother,. It’s crazy to see how they grow up so fast because when I look back at yesterday, they were so small and now they are growing up. Quarantine has it ups and downs for everyone\ so it’s important to think positively and stay healthy.

Edited for grammar and clarity by The Panther Eye. Submitted as part of the Dear Corona contest.

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