Student Government Has Successful First Meetings

The Sweet Home High School Student Government is back in full swing for this unusual school year.

The High School’s Student Government has had two meetings so far this year and have already discussed a variety of topics, many contingent on the return to hybrid and in-person learning. 

Map of hallway routes

The senators, led by Student Body President Delaney Graham and Vice President Roman Haen, have brought up ideas to stagger classroom dismissals for better traffic flow in the halls. In addition to that, with the weather getting colder concerns about the placement of coats in the building were also brought up.

It was also mentioned of the possibility of looking at revisiting the idea of a therapy dog for the school, however the Student Government will not pursue this idea further without discussion with staff members and administrators.

The idea of looking into putting cameras on the outside of the busses to further student safety was brought up after having heard communications from the students. It was however questioned whether or not the busses already have this feature installed.

A main topic brought up was the QR code system for using the bathrooms. Multiple senators mentioned that they have observed problems with the current system and floated around many solutions, some of which were: switching the survey platform used, having hall monitors write down student info instead of the QR code, the use of one-time-only paper passes, developing an app or program to use instead, and utilizing pre filled forms on Google Forms.

Which method would you prefer for the QR system?

In their next meeting, the Student Government hopes to further discuss the bathroom QR problem, as well as getting senate members organized into their respective committees.

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