Sweet Home High School is filled with many talented artists. These artists have a variety of special skills ranging from photography to digital art to simple pencil sketches. Due to the pandemic, the artists in our school don’t have an opportunity to showcase their talents like they would otherwise. That’s when I came up with the idea to write small personalized pieces about specific artists in our school. 

The first artist I am choosing to showcase is Sage Asquith. Sage specializes in sketching, drawing, painting, and music. She began her artistic journey in 8th grade when she started to take art more seriously. At the time, she would draw characters in her sketchbook. Over the years, she kept practicing and was improving her technique the more she did. She kept getting better and better. As she grew, she started to move beyond her sketchbook and into digital art platforms. She continues to draw her unique characters. Sage’s inspiration comes from her dad who always sketches in his free time. He also offers tips and advice on how to improve her artwork. 

The reason this artwork caught my attention was because it looks like a cartoon character and I think that is very neat. I also like how she customized these people to resemble qualities of zodiac signs (astrological calendar) which I am very intrigued by. Also using a digital art platform is very modern and something I am not good at. Therefore, I have a lot of respect for being able to create art in such a unique fashion. 

Check out and appreciate Sage’s artwork below! If you want to be featured, submit your artwork to the form found here!

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