Sweet Home High School is filled with many talented artists. These artists have a variety of special skills ranging from photography to digital art to simple pencil sketches. Due to the pandemic, the artists in our school don’t have an opportunity to showcase their talents like they would otherwise. That’s when I came up with the idea to write small personalized pieces about specific artists in our school. 

This next featured artist I have chosen is Julianna Clark. Julianna specializes in painting and drawings. She prefers paints and paint pour, and simple pencil drawings with no color. All of this talent started in her childhood when Julianna and her grandmother did crafts together. As the crafts continued, paint pouring became their new favorite craft together. Julianna fell in love with this form of art, and has continued to perfect her talents over time.

The reason this artwork caught my eye is because it is so cleanly painted. The colors are blended together perfectly, and the outline of the birds are very precise. I could immediately tell she took a lot of time and effort perfecting this painting, which paid off in the end. Another thing about her artwork that compelled me to choose it was the story behind her talent. I can relate to practicing artwork as a kid with grandparents. I admire how she took childhood crafts as an inspiration to paint as she got older.

Check out and appreciate Julianna’s artwork below! If you want to be featured, submit your artwork to the survey on our page!

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