As the pandemic has gone on, it has been harder and harder each day for society to adjust to the new lifestyle. Slowly people have come to acceptance with the fact that this is the new normal as of right now. It has almost been a year that COVID has been around, and there have been many ups and downs as the year has passed. I think it has been especially hard for kids in school. Not only are elementary kids having a hard time learning through a screen, but high school students too. 

High school is supposed to be one of the most memorable and happy times in your life. As COVID hit, there has been a lot of back and forth on how to handle school because teachers and parents want what’s best for us but at the same time want to stay safe. There have been many components to this year with things like sports, club opportunities, elective classes, etc, which have either been reduced or put on pause, which is unfortunate for a majority of kids because that is what they look forward to everyday when coming to school. 

As a junior it’s hard to see that high school is almost coming to an end. To finish out like this is hard to deal with. I feel especially bad for the seniors, who’s senior year is supposed to be the most fun and looking forward to things like prom and football games and pep rallies. However, this year none of that has happened which makes it hard to look forward to things. There is some normalcy with life for teens like getting our licenses and cars, but it doesn’t even feel exciting anymore. The days just feel repetitive and boring because there is really nothing to do anymore. Places are slowly opening back up but it just is not the same. I just think all of society has hope to soon get back to normal.

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