Sweet Home High School is filled with many talented artists. These artists have a variety of special skills ranging from photography to digital art to simple pencil sketches. Due to the pandemic, the artists in our school don’t have an opportunity to showcase their talents like they would otherwise. That’s when I came up with the idea to write small personalized pieces about specific artists in our school!

This week’s featured artist is Thuriea Zaid. The kind of art Thuriea specializes in photography. She mentioned that photography has only recently become an interest when she saw simple things in our world that are so beautiful when photographed. Photography builds her creativity and has even inspired her to want to be one a director of photography. Watching photography shows inspires her to look into this career path.

The reason Thuriea’s artwork caught my attention was because of its unique style from the other art I’ve seen. I love the contrast of color and symbolism in this piece of her photography. It reminds me of how there is always light at the end of a tunnel and the sky gets brighter after a storm. Her talent for being new at this hobby is very impressive and I’m excited to see her improve and continue working on her passion!

Check out and appreciate Thuriea’s artwork below! If you want to be featured, submit your artwork to the form here!

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